Why Fitness?

There's an incredible connection between improvements in fitness and improvements in other areas of life.  Studies have shown that 75% of business executives believe good physical fitness is critical for career success , and scientists uncovered a positive link between fitness and academic performance years ago.  Exercise dramatically improves cognition, creative thinking, alertness, and more .  In addition, fitness is one of the fastest ways to build self confidence and social esteem.

I am living proof of watching my own transformation take place.  Initially, I started aerobic exercising in gyms and then I took up swimming and racquet ball.  Six months later I started running daily rain or shine.  As a result, my eating habits changed and I wanted to make healthier choices, less salt, more vegetables, protein without sauces and fresh fruit and drinking lots of water.   Running up hills cured my asthmatic attacks with no drugs and more importantly it increased my self-esteem.  In fact, I recall getting most of my jobs when I was young on my first interview.  The exercise that worked best for me was  outside "running",  I still love it to this day. Running gives me rosy cheeks, a healthy presence and makes me incredibly happy.  I have had people for years ask me where I get my energy from including the instructor for the Life Coach Skill Course at Rhodes Wellness College.  The instructor said "I should bottle my energy".

My passion is to help you get your optimal health and find your natural purpose!

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