Life Coaching

My focus as a coach is on helping you improve your physical health, fitness, mindset and overall wellness.  Why have I chosen to focus on fitness and health?  There are many reasons, and you can read more about my methodology by clicking the “Why Fitness” tab above, but the fundamental reason is because fitness influences all aspects of life.  If you're unhealthy and unfit, this will negatively impact your ability to focus at work and think creatively.  You'll have less energy to pour into relationships.  Your career will suffer.  An unhealthy lifestyle is often the largest barrier blocking the way to success.

If you're healthy and fit, however, your stamina will increase, you'll feel more refreshed and alert, you'll be able to concentrate and work more efficiently, and you'll have more energy to put into relationships.  Improving physical fitness is one of the most important first steps toward success, confidence, and achievement, and that's why it's the core of my coaching method.

To learn more about how I can help you define and achieve your life and career goals, click the “Contact” tab above and let's get in touch.  I offer a free consultation so we can get acquainted, and there's absolutely no obligation on your part.  I'd like to get to know you and find out how I can help!  Let's start today.