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Personal Leadership Vancouver Donna Smood believes that personal leadership is not about leading others, but about learning to lead yourself. Donna knows how to help people with personal leadership in Vancouver, helping them with their careers, family, relationships and anything else in their lives that they want to improve. Donna can guide clients to a place where they can lead a more fulfilling life, simply by teaching them how to take charge of their own futures. Once you've learned to lead yourself, everything from relationships to your career will fall into place because of the core set of values you've established. Whether you want to feel more satisfied and confident about your current situation, make a few changes to improve your personal happiness or completely revamp your life, Donna can motivate you to take the necessary actions to make it happen. It is not easy to learn personal leadership, but as the best source for personal leadership in Vancouver Donna can personalize a plan that will help you learn to lead yourself effectively and accomplish what you want out of life, whatever that may be. Through personal leadership, anyone can learn to have a more healthy outlook on life. It isn't easy, but mastering personal leadership allows you to continuously improve yourself and achieve a better quality of life for the rest of your life. Through motivational speaking and life coaching, Donna can help you get the unique perspective you need to live life with the values and traits you most admire. Donna is a life coach and motivational speaker who uses fitness to get people in the right state of mind to accomplish their goals. Donna started out as an unmotivated child and teenager who lacked confidence both academically and socially. She finally decided to take control of her life in her early 20s, when she created a modest fitness plan to run a least a small distance everyday. This simple goal completely changed Donna's life and allowed her to take charge of her destiny through personal leadership. She started to feel confident in her own abilities and was determined to help others do the same through her life coaching and motivational speaking company, It's Cool to Be Fit. Once she felt the power of personal leadership and saw the drastic changes that being her own leader caused in her own life, she knew she had to spread the word and inspire others to do the same. Now Donna runs at least 15 km every single day and loves to kayak, hike, bike, ski and golf among a wide variety of other physical activities. While fitness is by no means the only component Donna uses to help clients with their personal leadership, it is a very important part in giving people the confidence, determination and focus they need to improve their lives. Donna uses her own life-changing experience with fitness to motivate people that fitness truly can help people achieve a higher level of success. Personal Leadership Vancouver
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