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Life Coaching Vancouver If you are looking for life coaching in Vancouver Dana Smood is the clear choice. Donna uses a unique combination of fitness and motivational speaking to help people achieve a level of success they never even dreamed of. As a socially awkward, severely asthmatic child who struggled to keep up with her classmates, Donna grew up with debilitating beliefs that she wasn't good enough. A resolution to run every day for 21 days when she was 20 completely changed her view of herself and astronomically increased her sense of self-worth. Donna now runs every single day and regularly places first or second in the marathons she participates in around the world. Donna not only respects her own abilities and strengths, but has earned respect and admiration from her peers for her exceptional life coaching and motivational speaking skills. She recently passed the CSI and Canadian Mutaul Investment Fund courses, a testament to how fitness has improved her ability to study effectively and achieve academically. Donna's increased self-esteem, motivation and leadership abilities have given her the skills needed to travel the world working with some of the world's top executives and entrepreneurs. She founded It's Cool to Be Fit, Inc., a premier service for life coaching in Vancouver, that allows her to use her profound belief in the power of fitness as a means to help people find the determination and confidence they need to succeed. Donna believes that physical health provides people with the alertness, concentration, efficiency and confidence they need to tackle any task in life, and her own experiences are a testament to how true this really is. Now an avid skier, golfer, hiker, biker, paddle surfer and marathon runner who runs at least 15 km per day, fitness has transformed Donna's life and while her approach to life coaching has many aspects, fitness is an integral part to helping people live their best life possible. Whether you need help with parenting skills, physical fitness, stress management, relationships, spirituality or any other aspect of your life, Donna can work with you to find the solution that is most effective for your individual situation. She believes that an unhealthy lifestyle is a detriment to achieving a higher level success in all aspects of your life, which is why she places a high priority on developing clients' physical well-being. Whether you are a student needing help finding a career path you will be passionate about, a working mother struggling to balance your work and home lives or a powerful executive hoping to find more happiness out of life, Donna Smood can help you. Her innovative life coaching and motivational speaking techniques have allowed her to help people of all ages and professions to improve their lives and achieve to the highest level possible. Whether you need help with a small issue or you want to completely overhaul you life, Donna Smood is the right person to help you create a plan to improve the way you live your life. Life Coaching Vancouver
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