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Executive coach Dr Louise Mahler has decades of experience in the business world but says that counts for very little when she’s incognito.

“Recently I was a keynote speaker in...

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9 Ways to Make People Respect you immediately by Tim Schmoyer




1.            Be the last one to speak (hear whatever one else says first.  It is okay to ask questions for better understanding or clarification) – Nelson Mandela


2.            Laugh at You...

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Recently I went to a coaching event.  This event consisted of both men and women ranging from age 23 to 59 and involved different nationalities as well as different sexual preferences.

I witnessed people that were very broken from things in their life that happened to them or their families or thi...

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Do you know that how you are feeling can be different than what you are thinking?


It is possible to think positive thoughts while feeling pain, anxiety and depression.

An event that happened to me!

Several years back, I was running and something hap...

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Posted by Donna Smood on Jan 26, 2018 under



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Managing Depression and Anxiety


Have you or your loved ones experienced depression and/or anxiety?  I want to share my story.

A few years ago, I met a very bad person who conned me out of a lot of money.  By the time I realized the scope and magnitude of my situation, I fell into a deep depr...

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1) Get rid of clutter
2) Start something new
3) Set a goal
4) Eat Healthier
5) Get more rest
6) Say I love you more often
7) Spend time with people you enjoy
8) Meet new friends
9) Exercise a few times a week preferably outdoors
10) Write a daily gratitude list


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