Managing Depression and Anxiety


Have you or your loved ones experienced depression and/or anxiety?  I want to share my story.

A few years ago, I met a very bad person who conned me out of a lot of money.  By the time I realized the scope and magnitude of my situation, I fell into a deep depression.  I was very good to this person and trusted him because he gave me fraudulent documents that showed in a short period of time, I would be repayed the money that I lent him.  It was all a lie.  I didn't sleep for two years, in fact, I couldn't fall asleep.  I went to my doctor and she gave me sleeping pills.  The sleeping pills only allowed me to sleep for an hour before I woke up again for the remainder of the night.  I lost my appetite and lost ten pounds in a very short period of time.  I was an avid athlete and could barely get out of bed, in fact most days I didn't want to get out of bed.  I was angry at myself, felt humiliated, worthless and you name it.  I wondered how I would ever get back on my feet again.  I think I got so low that I knew I had to do something and fast.  I went to the local library and took out eight books on the brain and neuro-science and got it in my head that the brain is not hard wired and I could change my circumstance.  I have always had a growth mindset so where was it when I needed it?  I had isolated myself from family and friends due to shame which made the situation worse.  My alcohol consumption went up which further eroded my self-confidence.  I believe in God and was attending church and yet I was carrying my burden solo.  While I read the bible and prayed daily I was feeling very alone.  I had recently moved to a new area because I had to sell my condo due to my financial loss.  I was renting in a rather remote place and had not yet met new friends in the area.  I decided to check out Pickle Ball because it is a social sport and I needed to get out with people.  The best thing about Pickle Ball is that the people are so friendly and encouraging.  The majority of people are over 50 and are very willing to show you how to play the sport.  It is very inexpensive.  When played outside, it is free except your racket and when played at most community centres in Canada $3 to $5 for two hours.

I was able to enroll in college and get my Life Coach Diploma Certificate which gave me time to get my self-confidence back again.  I am a very strong athlete and my doctor had suggested I become a Life Coach many years earlier.  I have a wealth of life experience.  I am the seventh of eight siblings.  I have had three marriages and now on my own again.  My second husband is my best friend after 39 years of friendship.  I have a grown son from my first marriage who is in his early 30's.

The TAKE AWAY I would like for people who read this - is that when one or two circumstances in your life do not go your way, it does not have to define you.  We learn and grow from our experiences.   Be careful with medication, often drugs are over prescribed and sometimes we think we need drugs to overcome our situation but in the end we still have to face our situation.  When things seem to be going wrong, maybe it is an opportunity to stop and re-evaluate what is going on before continuing down a negative path.  As the saying goes "If it smells bad, it probably is bad".   Another take away for me is that God was with me.  I believe God is the one that sent me to the library to read books on how to change my mindset and as a result I joined Pickle Ball to socialize in a healthy way and to start rebuilding joy again.

DO NOT SUFFER ALONE, get out and ask for HELP!, go to the library and read new books, join a new club, go to a local church, let your doctor, family and close friends know what is going on with you.  Go for walks and or coffees with people who care about you.  ISOLATION CAN KILL OR ERODE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE!

If you want help, I can listen to your story and help and guide you to restore JOY again.