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Coaching with Results


I recently coached a client who had a very successful and amazing career.  The problem she was facing was that although everything seemed great in her life such as an amazing long term partner, good family and friends, she was feeling self-conscious and powerless to talk to her co-workers or business relationships about things that bothered her.  It appeared, she was a very articulate person and very hard working and being on time was very important.  So when co-workers did not show up on time, all her work and schedule would back up.  On social occasions, the client felt nervous around meeting new people including people she had previously met.  One of the reasons was she often forgot names and this created anxiety.  One of her coping skills was to drink a few glasses of wine at the social events that were both work and social where her work was viewed.  On a few occasions, this created problems because sometimes she forgot what she said and was not sure how her peers perceived her.


(To view this person, one would never know that this person was feeling unconfident)


 Our coaching session began by me asking questions and listening to client and allowing long pauses for the client to think about what was going on.


1)      We talked about boundaries and about how timing can be very important so it is okay to ask your co-workers to be on time.


2)      We brainstormed ways to remember people’s names and talked about how it is okay to ask more than once.  After all, many of us forget names.


3)      We talked about eating food before the events and drinking water instead of the wine and waiting until the events over and drink the wine at home not in public settings because the alcohol can make people more anxious


4)      We talked about giving away “Our Power”.  This client on several occasions and in different ways was constantly giving away her power.  After all, she was truly very talented and gifted and had worked extremely hard to get to where she was.


After four sessions, the client had figured out what was holding her back and had practised new behaviour during the weeks we worked together and she was both amazed and happy how quickly she was able to take charge and get her Power back.  This client is once again very confident, happy and a joy to be around. 


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