9 Ways to Make People Respect you immediately by Tim Schmoyer




1.            Be the last one to speak (hear whatever one else says first.  It is okay to ask questions for better understanding or clarification) – Nelson Mandela


2.            Laugh at Yourself – Will Smith’s father was given six weeks to live and three months later he was still in the hospital and alive.  He said to Will “I am so embarrassed, I told my friends I would be dead in six weeks and 3 months later I am still alive”)


3.            Let actions speak louder than words.  Transition from “I” Idea to “A” Action.  Write idea down than “shut up” then get to the “Action”.  Your success is determined by your action not by your idea.  Separate yourself  by action – Get out of Neutral and get into Drive.


4.            Say what you mean “brutal honesty” – Do not have to be offensive to be honest.  Constructive criticism is the way to go.


5.            See the good in everything and everyone.  Strive to constantly evolve.  Are we doing better?  Stay Positive, Be Realistic


6.            Give credit when credit is due.  I recently booked a trip to New York for my new business adventure and my girlfriend Dora on her own accord agreed to come with me to support me.  She is being so kind and generous.


7.            Give respect to other people.  i.e. people of service, war veterans


8.            Respect other people’s views.  You do not have to agree with them, however, you can try and understand and listen to someone’s point of view so they will listen to you.  Do not talk behind someone’s back or gossip.  Strive to do better.  You are perfect not complete.  The world is constantly evolving and changing and so must we.  If we are stagnant we are actually going backwards.  We were designed to change, learn and grow.


9.            Help others when they need it.  Ask for help when you need it.


10.          Our goal is not only to find our “Purpose”,  it is for us to help others find their “Purpose”.


i.e. the people that help the men and women get to the moon