Donna encourages me constantly with eaten healthy, dressing well & most importantly staying fit. When I wanted to give up Donna didn’t give up on me & she kept me focused on being consistent   Dora Bergen West.Vancouver, B..C.

Donna was a tyrant at exercise and ran rain, shine or snow at any temperature above or below freezing. One day she got me up at 4:00 a.m. to run with her in the dark in the pouring rain and the windiest day before we had to board an early flight. To this day she encourages me to be fit and eat well.


I met Donna hiking the North Shore mountains approximately 10 years ago and I was very shy. Donna has encouraged me to meet more people and has got me running 25km trail runs and we are currently training for the Vancouver - May 2012 marathon! Donna has inspired me not to think of age, rather concentrate on my abilities.

Roger S.

I met Donna at Whistler, B.C. and we became friends. Donna has encourage me to hike and bike as often as I can and to make healthier food choices.




Donna is a warm and caring individual who is passionate about life and continually seeks to encourage others. Donna is passionate about staying fit and encourages friends and family to do the same. Donna supports others in keeping a positive and mental attitude, eating a well balanced healthy diet, getting the right amount of rest, setting goals, believing in yourself, staying focused and working hard to achieve your desired goals. Donna is a strong motivator and those who have been encouraged by her know they better work hard if they make a commitment with Donna to be their mentor. As Donna’s sister, I have been inspired by her continuous effort in supporting others as well as myself. So go for it, give Donna a try. It’s a no lose situation if you choose to improve your health and your life.

Stay fit for Life!




My younger sister Donna has always been the energizer bunny in our family of 10. She has a positive attitude towards life and always finds the sunshine in a rainy day. She has encouraged me to exercise with daily walks, eat healthy and take time in the day for myself so I can get back to life in the fast lane. She is a positive person who always is up for another adventure whether it be hiking, skiing, golfing or doing the grouse grind. I wish I had her energy........