About Donna

My name is Donna Smood, and I'm a Life Coach Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.  I'm also a big believer in people.  This is what motivates me to do what I do.  I truly believe that anyone can achieve optimum physical, mental, and social fitness with enough determination, motivation, and participation.

I know it isn't easy.  I grew up with severe asthma and was a poor student as a result of starting school late and not receiving the coaching I needed.  I struggled to learn to read, I couldn't keep up with my classmates, and I wasn't allowed to exert myself because of my asthma.  I fell behind both academically and physically, and this took a serious toll on my self esteem.  For many years, I allowed myself to have disabling, limiting beliefs about myself.

  • I wasn't smart enough.
  • I wasn't fast enough.
  • I was a poor student.
  • I was a poor athlete.
  • My asthma was outside my control.
  • I was helpless.

I believed these things about myself, and I believed that I was powerless to do anything to change.  But there was something else I hadn't discovered yet, something that would change my life entirely.

When I was 20 years old, I made a commitment to go running every day for 21 days straight.  It was raining when I started, and it rained every day when I ran.  But I had made a commitment, and each day I got outside and started running.  On the first day I ran for just 10 minutes.  But it felt good.  I had accomplished something I had always thought was impossible.  The next day I ran further.  By the end of those 21 days, I was running 6 miles each day, and I had no intention of quitting.  I was addicted, and I loved it.

I've run daily since then, in cities all over the world.  I still have asthma, but I manage it now—it no longer manages me.  Most importantly, I found self confidence I'd never had before.  I learned to respect myself and my abilities as an athlete.  I earned acknowledgment and esteem from my peers.  My beliefs about myself changed completely.  I became a strong learner and a skilled communicator, traits that gave me the opportunity to work with top executives and entrepreneurs. In the past six years I have participated in Toastmaster's and have taken private public speaking lessons.  I continually learn from incredible people who have overcome great odds and enjoy reading about how our brains are not hardwired and we have the ability to change our mindset.

It's safe to say that fitness changed my life.

  • I am smart enough.
  • I am fast enough.
  • I am a strong learner.
  • I am a strong athlete.
  • I can control my asthma.
  • Above all, I have the power to achieve success.

I'm not trying to sound boastful.  This is simply the power of determination, motivation, and participation.  I decided to own my motivation, and I learned that if I committed and participated and made small steps forward, I could achieve anything.  After working in business for years and recognizing the source of my own personal motivation, I founded It's Cool to be Fit, Inc., and became a Life Coach so I could inspire and motivate others to fulfill their life goals.

I'm eager to get to know you and help you reach your health, fitness, relationship and career goals!  Click the “Contact” tab above for a free consultation in which you and I will get to know each other and determine a strategic plan to move forward.  Whatever you do, don't put this off.  Let's get started today!

I have a Life Coach Certification from Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, B.C. and in the past years I have been a member of the Certified Coaches Federation, Association for Corporate Growth, West Coast Slam – School of Business and Leadership, North Shore Athletics, Golf Fore Gals, Context International, Club FatAss, and North Shore Athletics, WXN Network, eWomen and more recently joined the North Shore Pickle Ball Club.