Motivational Speaking

My goal is to coach people on how to effectively keep their brain healthy and active through eating nutrious foods, daily exercise and continual learning.

The brain is designed to keep active and requires proper nutrition, physical exercise and learning.  The brain is like a child, it tires when receiving the same food, exercise and information. 

If the brain is not right, we are not right.  My goal is to help people in North America lead an active, engaged, and fulfilling life.

Donna Smood

Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

cell: 604-803-0931


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Life Coaching

Welcome! I’m Donna Smood, and as a certified life coach and fitness guru, I help people understand the value of fitness and eating healthily and becoming more aware of how fitness and nutrition play an active role in maintaining and improving the brain and mindset.

It is probably fair to say we become what we eat. Eating healthily is very important, especially at young ages. Throughout childhood, kids' bones are growing, teeth are arriving, and minds are developing. Nutrition plays a huge part in shaping our physical, cognitive, and academic abilities, as well as our personalities.

Exercise is also very important. Exercise increases our energy, decreases stress levels, improves sleep patterns, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, reduces the body’s susceptibility to infection and illness, and increases circulation. Most importantly, exercise makes us feel good!

Overweight and obese kids are often robbed of childhood. They often are not able to participate at the same level physically or academically as active kids who are eating well. The anxiety of separation can lead overweight kids to continue to make poor food choices as a result of loneliness or depression. In addition, overweight kids have an increased chance of being bullied by their peers.

Overweight and obese adults are robbed of feeling good about themselves and it affects their self-esteem and self-confidence.  It can have an affect on their family, personal, career and social lives.  Overweight people may lose opportunities to people with regular weight.  Continuous overweight can have long term negative conseequences on health such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and can make it more difficult to exercise.

I work with individuals or groups to inspire and teach good habits related to health, careers and relationships. I can help find out what is getting in your way and help you reach the success you desire.

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